Why Ride with Gravity?

Since 1998 we have been rip-roaring, hoot-hollerin, and loving the amazing trails that only the Andes can provide. Taking over 80,000 riders on once-in-a-lifetime, two-wheeled pleasure bombs, (only life’s well lived that is) in the incredible Andes. We’re talking about ancient birthplace of the Incas, 3000M+ (11,000 ft+) descents, glacier, jungle (in that order), outta this world and off the beaten path cultural experiences, bragging rights, bring a pen cause we’ve got some bucket list lines to cross out kind of adventures.

We take your safety seriously and our attention to detail shines through in the incredible service we provide each and every rider.  We have been featured in 1000’s of independent reviews, blogs, newspapers, television shows and more as the best option for a 2 wheeled adventure in Bolivia.  And only gravity has been recommended since 1998 in all major guide books.



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