About us

Only the Andes can bring you rides with such epic beauty, huge descents, bragging rights, and off the beaten path experiences.

I came to Bolivia in 1998 tired of the old 9 to 5, looking for a way to live the dream and turn my passion for biking into a lifestyle. It didn’t take long to realize the potential for riding in these amazing and largley untouched mountains. Soon I bought 3 more bikes and from these humble beginnings Gravity has grown into the premier mountain bike operation in South America. It has been that love and passion for biking that has helped us to grow into what we are today, not to mention how incredible the landscapes, people and cultures of Bolivia are. We love sharing the amazing Andes and all they have to offer and hope to be able to do so with you and get you out on an amazing bike ride soon. Not only is Bolivia some of the best riding in the world, but our trips are accessible for most any budget. Please contact us to get started on booking the ride of your life!

Alistair Matthew Founder
CFO (Chief Facial Hair Officer)

Where We Started

In 1998 a Kiwi, with a sense of adventure found himself with a bike high up in the Bolivian Andes. He explored the mountains surrounding La Paz, and found a ride he knew people would love, The World’s Most Dangerous Road.

He found a couple more bikes and offered the ride to anyone who would listen, and soon enough it became the bike ride to do in South America, and my have we grown!  Now with a fleet of over 100 bikes, nearly as many spectacular trails and taking 10000 riders a year out on incredible two-wheeled adventures each year!

We pride ourselves on our safety and professionalism, and with so many years under our belts, it’s no wonder that we are the premier biking company in South America.  From the biggest bike workshop in South America to International Safety and Operating Standards, we ensure that your experience with Gravity will be one of the best two wheeled adventures of your life!  Just like the amazing Andes we love so much, we aim to wow.

Our Guides

Simply put, we love to ride, and we love to share these amazing mountains, their people and cultures with anyone who comes our way.
We work hard to ensure you love your time with us and go out of our way to provide the best possible service.
Our top-notch guides are all trained in first-aid and rope rescue.