From Scree Slopes to the Haunted Jungle Castle

Start mountain biking off-road at 4850m (that’s over 15,900 ft!!) along wide and sweeping no-longer-trafficked tracks, scree slopes, rocky bits, over creeks then down down down on a rough dirt road to 1,900m (6,230 ft) where you encounter the haunted (eerie!) castle called El Castillo del Loro.


• Several trail options according to your expertise level: Stick to the double track and work on your balance through those S curves; head down some skinny llama trails that cut across the double track as it curves lower and lower; or freeride a scree slope or two – the closest thing to skiing on a bicycle!
• Enjoy a picnic lunch.
• Nearly 3000m of descent in a single day!


The Ghost Ride can accommodate couples or groups of riders with differing riding abilities. If you’re a beginner you can choose a track that’s mellower, or for more advanced riders one that’s suitably certifiable!


At 4850m you’ll need to catch your breath at the top of this Andean foothill as you take in your beautiful surroundings: The pyramid-topped Mount Huayna Potosí, which perches 6,000m+ just over yonder; the receding glacier of Mount Chacaltaya, topping out at 5,486m; and directly in front of you, the gorgeous Yungas valleys we will ride through today.
We start on a meandering off-track trail featuring scree slopes, jumps and singletrack (or a flowy road for beginners). You’ll pass through villages, stop at scenic spots, and have the opportunity to play on the bike. Then you’ll enjoy another snack in front of an abandoned stone church, in Pongo, a small country settlement where famous farm-raised trout is hatched (which you sample later at the Castle). Then you’ll finish the “off-road” portion of the ride on fast rocky sections of road only open to all-terrain vehicles and bikes.
You will stop several times, taking photos and taking in the views of the valley and amazing waterfalls. Finally, at long last, your first view of The Haunted Jungle Castle! Take in a bit of the haunted history as you enjoy cold drinks and lunch. Then, we load back in the bus for the return to La Paz.