Greatest Descent In a Day on Mountain Bike

This, quite possibly, is the trail with the World’s Greatest Loss of Altitude in a single day.
Start way up, above the clouds and among the glaciers at Mount Chacaltaya (once the world’s highest ski resort) at 5,345m (that´s a breathtaking 17,500 ft.) and wind your way down a swooping, switch-backing road deep into the Zongo Jungle: A total descent of over 4,300m! Yes, you are reading correctly: That means over 14,000 feet of vertical descent done in one day on the best damn bikes in South America. And best of all, it´s nearly all downhill! We’ve yet to find a ride that compares, and we’ve been riding all over the Andes since 1998!


• Ride the World’s Greatest Loss of Altitude on a mountain bike in a single day!
• Start from a breathtakingly high glacier (5,345m/17,500 ft) and ride down to the steaming Amazon Jungle (1,000m/3,280 ft).
• Get off the beaten path and see the beautifully varied landscapes of Bolivia as you ride through different ecosystems.
• Have a look at the ever-changing views as you wind your way down giant glacier-covered mountains, ancient colored glacial lakes, beautiful waterfalls, jungle vegetation, a serene river and much, much more…


Anyone with a sense of adventure, who wants to go high, get low and have one hell of a day in between.


An amazing and exciting ride involving high altitude, snow, steep gravel roads, fantastic water features and, eventually steaming jungle. This ride includes a visit to Chacaltaya, once the world’s highest ski slope at 5,345m.
After meeting at 7:30am we drive up to the ski field and unload the bikes. Here, we have time to snack, marvel
at the ski slope, and take in the spectacular views of the surrounding Andes Mountains: Illimani, Mururata and
Huayna Potosí.
From the ski lodge we head down the Chacaltaya ski field access road and then turn off to join the Milluni-to-Zongo road. Once we have joined this gravel road we are driven through an undulating (but largely upwards) section
before reaching the incredible Zongo Pass.
At the Zongo Pass and Dam (the access point for those climbing Huayna Potosí) we can take a rest and soak up the views before setting off again.
From Zongo Pass (4,780m) we descend rapidly down this switch-backing gravel road towards the jungle. As we descend, the temperature rises and the scenery becomes steadily greener and lusher. The lowest point we reach
is Zongo Village (1,000m) where we can celebrate the completion of 4,300m of altitude loss!!!