The Beauty of La Paz’s Backyard

This half day or full-day ride allows you to explore some of the most beautiful valleys off-the-beaten-path, tucked away in the Andean mountains!
It’s a gentle ride on easy downhill roads, with little traffic and jaw dropping, gotta-take-a-picture views!
Want to make it harder? No worries, we can take you off-road and on easy-to-diificult trails throughout the valley so you can push your skills under the guidance of Gravity’s guides!


• Ride from the Valley of the Souls, through picturesque farming towns down to Palca Canyon.
• The incredible stalactite style rocks as you would find in Moon Valley give way to 100m high towering stone walls.
• Get off-the-beaten-trail and see the beautiful landscapes in La Paz’s very own backyard!.


Anyone up for a practice ride before the Death Road, or for someone who wants to fill a half day and his or her soul with some natural beauty on a scale that only the Andes can provide.


Your group can choose whether to ride in the morning or in the afternoon. We meet in the centre at a local cafe at either 8:00 am or 12:30 pm. Then, we drive to Lake Uni, above El Valle de las Animas (Soul Valley), a beautiful starting point to our ride. After a safety briefing, we wind our way off the beaten track, descending towards and through Palca Canyon, reaching the small town of Palca, left untouched by time. Here we enjoy a snack and relax a bit before we load our bikes and head back to La Paz, enjoying the views once again. So much done in just a half day!