Fly Me to the Moon

In our constant hunt for unforgettable, world-class mountain bike trails we found our way to the villages of Palomar and Huajchilla. Both lie in the arid valleys to the south of La Paz. The hills in this region rise steeply and sharply up from the valley floor to dramatic heights with astounding views. The trails here are technical and typically get steeper and more technical the further down them you ride (and the more tired you are).


• Unique, technical trails in the high arid desert.
• Ride over the famous Andean anti-grip dust.
• Incredible Moon Valley Landscape.


Riders wanting technical, anti-grip trails like you would never find at home.


The hard dirt below the loose sand we fly over is like dust and makes the trails loose, slippery and most of all, super fun. The trails, walking paths for nearby communities are often fluid and flowy at the top, as they plummet down towards the valley they become more exposed. They eventually lead out to the green valley and river below where flowers, fruits and vegetables are cultivated by small communities that have maintained their traditions for years. With our support vehicle we can quickly shuttle back up to try new lines, or dial in certain tricky sections, as we session these spectacular trails in unreal scenery.
In this arid landscape, it’s hard to imagine that the river we ride towards below eventually flows to the Amazon,
and that diversity of riding is one of the things that makes Bolivia such an amazing place to ride.