Ancient Inca Trail Bliss

Where else in the world can you push your bike up above 5000m, only to descend from the glaciers through the cloud forests to end in the high jungle on an ancient trail sculpted by the Incas?


• Drop 3000m in 24km of extremely varied terrain, almost 10,000 ft in one go!
• Ride everything from high alpine singletrack, to inlaid stone Inca road, and eventually down into lush green
jungle trail, passing by rustic farming houses with rows of maize drying out front.


Those with extensive MTB experience and good fitness level, who want to ride a trail on a level that only the
Andes can provide.


This is a 2-day trek we pump out in about six hours of intense riding. We will meet up bright and early, at 6am
in the Gravity Workshop. Then, we will head out to Takesi, a centuries-old pre-Hispanic trading route that the Inca built using slave labor to help move their vast armies and provide a route to transport food and other goods from the Yungas Basin to the high Andes.
This trail is part of over 40,000km of Inca roads built by this magnificent empire. You can practically feel the ghosts of Inca armies passing by you as thousands of feet of descent pass under your tires.
It is a giant ride, the most vertical you’ve probably ever done in one ride, over cobbled stones, tight singletrack, small villages and past stunning viewpoints. You’ll make it to the bottom exhausted but very happy as you breath in the thick air of the deep valley, a treat after starting at around 5000m. A truly amazing ride that offers a glimpse back in the chapters of history.