From being completely Carbon Zero, to giving back to the communities we ride in, we know that tourism and biking can be a force for good in the world, and in our beautiful backyard we make it a point to ensure just that.

Gravity’s Carbon Zero Program
Gravity is proud to be the first tourism company in Bolivia to go Carbon Zero! Our program helped communities we ride in build solar ovens, helping them save time searching for wood, or burning gas, while at the same time offsetting our carbon footprint.

Gravity’s Playground Program
When you ride bike for a living or a passion, you understand the importance of play, especially for young developing minds. Which is why we have helped communities we ride in build playgrounds for the children living there.

Gravity’s School Material Program
Working with BolAID, Gravity has helped children in communities we ride in by donating school materials, like books, pens, notebooks, etc.